Come Children, Sing!
is a developmental music program for infants, babies, toddlers and preschoolers, based on more than 25 years of research at the Come Children Sing Institute. Give your child appropriate music instruction during the most important time in life for music learning. Become part of the exciting process of your child's music development, whatever your musical background. Discover new ways to interact with your child. Enjoy singing along, moving along, playing along, and going along with your child and the many new songs and music activities designed for music learning. Experience the delight of new children's songs from the more than 500 new songs for children of all ages in the Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY, including art songs for young children.

Enjoy music activities on your own schedule, in your own home, at less than half the cost of ordinary preschool music classes. Tailor classes to suit your lifestyle and your child's temperament. Make music learning a part of day-to-day life, with everyday access to songs and music activities. Make Come Children, Sing! portable with an iPod or CD.

Each Come Children, Sing! Online Music Class provides 10 Lessons for your child. One lesson will be delivered each week to your computer, with songs, music activities, and parent tips. You can learn about your child's music development through blogs and podcasts. You can check out the CCS Community, and connect via email directly with teacher Mary Ellen Pinzino, Director of the Come Children Sing Institute. Enroll your child in this exciting program as an infant or toddler and let the Come Children Sing Institute provide for your child's music development throughout early childhood.

Class of 2021
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