Scholarship Application

The Come Children Sing Institute is offering scholarships to outstanding college seniors in music education for the 2016 Summer Online Coursework in Early Childhood Music. The scholarship includes the full $300 tuition for 30 hours of professional development. [All materials are online, so there are no additional charges.] A Certificate of Completion from the Come Children Sing Institute will be awarded upon successful completion of coursework. Applications will be accepted May 23-June 25. Participants can begin the course any time in June, and take up to 6 weeks to complete the 4-week intense course if needed. (Course opens June 6.)

To qualify for this scholarship, you must;
  1. Be a college music education major entering your senior year;
  2. Submit Scholarship Application;
  3. Interview with the instructor via Skype (to be scheduled upon receipt of your application).

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, fill out the application below. Each applicant will be considered on his or her own merits rather than in relation to other candidates. You will be notified after the Skype interview.


Email Address

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1. In the fall of 2016, I will be a
Senior in Music Education

2. I heard about this scholarship from (check all that apply)
College Professor (name)

3. Please give contact information for one of your college music professors whom you feel would recommend you for this scholarship.

4. Skype interview
The best times to reach me are:
I live in the time zone.
Phone numbeer or Skype name

5. I hope to teach (check all that apply)
High School
Junior High School
Middle School
Elementary School
Private Lessons

6. My major instrument is

7. As part of my university training, I have observed music teaching. Yes No.
If yes, describe; include ages of students and extent of observations.

8. I have experience as a music teacher assistant. Yes No.
If Yes, describe.

9. I have experience as a music teacher. Yes No.
If Yes, describe.

10. I have some exposure to music education methodologies.
Yes No.
If Yes, describe.

11. I have taken a course in early childhood music. Yes No.
If yes, describe.

12. Please describe why you want to become a music teacher.

13. Please describe why you would like to take this summer course in early childhood music.

14. Making the commitment.
I understand that this is a comprehensive graduate level course.
I understand that this course requires 7-8 hours of study per week for 4 weeks.
I understand that I am to Skype one-on-one with the instructor in the 3rd and 4th weeks of the course.
I understand that if awarded this scholarship, I must satisfactorily complete course expectations to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Come Children Sing Institute.
I am willing to make the commitment to successfully complete this course.

15. The Come Children Sing Institute is seeking college senior music majors with a passion for learning about how young children learn music and how to teach to that process. How do you feel that you meet these criteria?

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